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STICKY: New account requests   09/19/18  (220)
New Quinnipiac poll shows Beto within 2 points of Ted Cruz, Trump fucked    09/19/18  (42)
30 years ago people would smoke in churches, libraries. NBD    09/19/18  (22)
Had a 330pm interview call. Didn't answer. They called me at 430pm and    09/19/18  (38)
Heartiste dropping some anogenital distance scholarship (link)    09/19/18  (1)
MY microchimerism, MY birth control-saturated rectangular body    09/19/18  (8)
LIBERALISM is a MENTAL ILLNESS    09/19/18  (7)
LLLLLIIIIIIBBBBBSSSS! *birds fly away from house*    09/19/18  (168)
but he mouthed bitch    09/19/18  (1)
remember those who supported you: vacation in the northern mariana islands    09/19/18  (3)
NASA lost contact with Opportunity Rover    09/19/18  (1)
Tons of hot 18-23 yo girls have fish market pussies, showering isn't cool now    09/19/18  (8)
I support Dr. Blasey Ford's request for an FBI Investigation    09/19/18  (12)
Rate this email to my brother    09/19/18  (23)
ultimate life hack: never agree to anything    09/19/18  (1)
biz idea: chromebook but no matter what site you put in it goes to xo    09/19/18  (3)
Thi$ $ite is really $ick and $ad Should be deleted.    09/19/18  (6)
Hillary Clinton: The legitimacy of the 2016 Presidential Election "is in doubt"    09/19/18  (71)
Kavanaugh smirking, silently mouthing 'Cunt' during Blasey Ford testimony    09/19/18  (1)
Site like XO, but for poets?    09/19/18  (6)
t; I scream, shirt tearing as my muscles flex and engorge
   09/19/18  (1)
kick that fucking cunt out    09/19/18  (1)
wait, 'beto' was in Dogstar? with Keanu Reeves?    09/19/18  (1)
Everything I fucking eat just turns to shit.    09/19/18  (14)
should i give notice even though my background check hasn't clear w new employer    09/19/18  (7)
A hint of oriental in a girl seems to make them hot as fuck    09/19/18  (3)
Sotomayor kicking Justice Roberts out of Sbarro    09/19/18  (29)
why did libs abruptly stop celebrating the evening Nov 8?    09/19/18  (10)
okay, which one of you wrote the book "Boomer1"?    09/19/18  (1)
Shitlibs are losing their minds because Sesame Street said Bert/Ernie aren't gay    09/19/18  (52)
White man EVISCERATES womans hygiene. No response possible.    09/19/18  (31)
Sesame Street creator exiled for wrongthink.    09/19/18  (27)
Lazy sim programmers adding someone named Judge to Kavanaugh saga    09/19/18  (2)
George20 angrily storming out of MUFON talk about Tall Whites    09/19/18  (2)
Im not the one whos so far away When my crypto crashes lose all my gains    09/19/18  (2)
HYPO: FBI investigates 10th grade pool party, indicts Dr. Ford for false stateme    09/19/18  (5)
George20's erotic memoir: Hairy Stories to Tell in the Dark    09/19/18  (5)
i need to focus my chi    09/19/18  (1)
Are kikes allowed online on yum kiper?    09/19/18  (1)
July 2018 Bar Exam MBE scores plummet to 34-year low (ATL)    09/19/18  (6)
Chainlink now 52 on CMC    09/19/18  (1)
"Come legally?" Trump, here's what you don't get (Jill Filipovic)    09/19/18  (38)
ITT I give you three options for girl and house combinations. Pick one    09/19/18  (149)
ITT: Blank bump on this (((holy day)))    09/19/18  (1)
Sotomayor changing from her SCOTUS robes to her Sbarro uniform    09/19/18  (180)
Actor who plays popular David Hogg character photohgrahed with teen sluts    09/19/18  (6)
Feinstein is a fucking snake - XO Jello Biafra was saying this 40 years ago    09/19/18  (3)
Kavanaugh saga is nakedly political. Still confused how GOP can be so outraged    09/19/18  (16)
imagine libs during hearings for Trump's replacements for RBG & Breyer    09/19/18  (8)
Should be a 180 day today with no (((poasters)))    09/19/18  (1)
Don't worry, we'll just atone today for destroying America (10 million people)    09/19/18  (1)
Elderly white people dancing to hip hop is the zenith of comedy    09/19/18  (4)
Californiamos: police departments are desperate for new police officers    09/19/18  (10)
finding a job is utterly impossible    09/19/18  (2)
Finally! Something women are better at than men... pedaling a bike 184 mph    09/19/18  (41)
Day 607 of Trump Presidency. No movement. Libs still alive.    09/19/18  (7)
Kavanaugh pouring bleach down ur throat "what happens in prison, stays in prison    09/19/18  (3)
Mobile and smartwatch App Dev seems 180    09/19/18  (2)
Dr Thunder let's chat itt    09/19/18  (3)
XO BABA surging. 180    09/19/18  (1)
Actual homosexual taking Q's    09/19/18  (4)
"Fuck me like a REAL MAN, brother!" spaceporn bellowed    09/19/18  (2)
i'm not associating with this "hate site" anymore    09/19/18  (14)
dr thunder >>>>> thunder collins    09/19/18  (2)
not flame i think i might start getting back into corey wayne again bc assfaggot    09/19/18  (3)
hey spaceporn take some VITAMINS then maybe you wont be such a FUCKING RETARD    09/19/18  (30)
Man Goes on Rampage at Seattle Target Store, Police Do Nothing, Libs Cheer (vid)    09/19/18  (2)
Uncle Joe Biden: "Women's Accusations should be Presumed True"    09/19/18  (6)
Chandler, Kenny, Luis, and CSLG - over 220 cases now (CSLG)    09/19/18  (54)
hovercraft delorean rescuing Trumpmo from a bloodthirsty band of BLM libs    09/19/18  (3)
What are some thing Shitlibs have made better for America?    09/19/18  (56)
"Don't mess with me! I'll accuse you of sexual assault," sneered the lib    09/19/18  (4)
Do libs really think politically weaponizing sexual assault is a good idea?    09/19/18  (6)
Chandler has gone corporate    09/19/18  (4)
NYT journalist Michelle Goldberg interrupts Bill Maher on MeToo (vid)    09/19/18  (5)
1300s A.D. ASMR~ Nun Takes Care of You In Bed {You Have the Plague}    09/19/18  (6)
"Fuck my wife's son like a real man!" Spaceporn mewled    09/19/18  (1)
Resolved: Kavanaugh does NOT have "gay face"    09/19/18  (9)
"Pope" Francis: "Victims need to be believed...No, not those victims!"    09/19/18  (1)
BREAKING: Dem's now saying Ford won't testify unless there is an FBI investigati    09/19/18  (81)
spaceporn is a christ figure    09/19/18  (1)
Kavanaugh accuser desperately rubbing cum into vintage blue dress    09/19/18  (1)
How will GC react when libs come for Las Vegas?    09/19/18  (10)
Gonna be seriously lulzy when RSF gets blueballpwn3d in Seoul this month    09/19/18  (112)
Gonna be some 180 lib tweets over the next few weeks    09/19/18  (1)
Is :D one of the most beloved poasters on the bort?    09/19/18  (27)
Things we must presume true: sex assault allegations, racism allegations    09/19/18  (1)
NYT: Accusations Draw New Attention to Kavanaughs Remarks About Drinking    09/19/18  (45)
Need some scholarship on The Deer Hunter    09/19/18  (50)
so wilbur tp really did die. wow.    09/19/18  (3)
Stormy Daniels claims Kavanaugh's penis is shaped like Yoshi (NYT)    09/19/18  (1)
lol XO Babe.net quotes XO Ted NOT FLAME (link)    09/19/18  (6)
is GULC Prep that good of a school    09/19/18  (6)
Kavanaugh response at hearing: "Well, we have to end apartheid, for one    09/19/18  (3)
Prostitute: Kavanaugh chased me with a chainsaw (NYT)    09/19/18  (8)
"tsinah's into that whole yale thing" "but he got a 148 lsat"    09/19/18  (36)
Goat herders in Afghanistan are probably way happier than avg American "professi    09/19/18  (1)
Imagine the Muslim that would be replacing Kennedy if Hillary won    09/19/18  (2)
Kavanaugh forced me to drink Chardonnay in HS (WaPo)    09/19/18  (2)
Libs kill off Roseanne character by having her die of opioid overdose    09/19/18  (58)
avg theological claim corresponds to reality better than avg philosophical claim    09/19/18  (4)
USE PINK USE PINK (NYUUG)    09/19/18  (3)
Former Bethesda-area schoolteacher says 5th grade Kavanaugh tried to rape her    09/19/18  (2)
Kavanaugh showing a snuff film to his clerks    09/19/18  (1)
Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez    09/19/18  (21)
Gorsuch was a Sophomore at Gtown Prep that summer...they should interview him    09/19/18  (15)
*class of 8 year olds saying o captain my captain as halford's led out in cuffs*    09/19/18  (60)
Kavanaugh is going to be furious when he inevitably sits    09/19/18  (7)
FREE MONEY: Tennessee (+4) at home at night vs Florida this Saturday    09/19/18  (4)
Happy Wednesday! Has Obeezy killed himself yet?    09/19/18  (4)
"The Sum of All Lib Fears" starring Donald Trump & Brett Kavanaugh    09/19/18  (4)
hes back    09/19/18  (2)
Korsuch will never side with Dems/libs on any SCOTUS case    09/19/18  (3)
Henry Aaron, can you link me some of your best work?    09/19/18  (47)
xo should like this: women sizes 0 - 28 try on the same dress    09/19/18  (95)
Finally took the plunge with a tranny escort 10 days ago, now have flu symptoms    09/19/18  (41)
*tsinah eating his way out of a pile of shit* "it'th my cheat day!"    09/19/18  (10)
Brett Kavanaughs youth was like a Bret Easton Ellis book    09/19/18  (15)
Can someone explain to me how this WaPo headline is substantiated?    09/19/18  (1)
What income do you need to live comfortably with 300k house?    09/19/18  (50)
any other voluntary unemploymos / NEETs on the boart?    09/19/18  (4)
Live TV 6 possible Kavanaugh scenarios, including a Supreme Court vacancy until    09/19/18  (2)
Coke is also 180 (kavanaugh)    09/19/18  (2)
Daily Stoic, 9/19/18    09/19/18  (4)
rach just told me Henry Aaron is an anesthesiologist    09/19/18  (49)
turns out what happens there stays there huh mike    09/19/18  (1)
We got the tennis balls for the wrong sport    09/19/18  (6)
RATE this white Swiss expat I fucked raw last night in Seoul (nyuug)    09/19/18  (6)
Big boned white women....how TTT    09/19/18  (11)
real talk: Kavanaugh was likely a very dorky drunk    09/19/18  (3)
Literally just wasted 1 hr w/ lawyers on who gets To and CC & order on an email    09/19/18  (1)
is there a cure of ANXIETY?    09/19/18  (8)
Nike shares just got hit bigtime, down 8% (unrelated to Kaep)    09/19/18  (4)
"Disappear Here," Brett whispers, seemingly to himself. "Excuse me?" Sen. Feinst    09/19/18  (2)
Teen aged Sam Kinison and Kirstie Alley were both at Kavanaugh pool party (Daily    09/19/18  (2)
OCCULT | TRIUMPH | LIFE    09/19/18  (1)
NBC: Kavanaugh should not be on SCOTUS cuz he is actually conservative    09/19/18  (14)
If Japs, etc. worship ancestors, why dont they reject technology    09/19/18  (1)
Cave painting depicting rape found near Kavanaugh's ancestral home.    09/19/18  (1)
Poaster: Hypo-- Lawman8: "You're "hypo" is not worth addressing for the followin    09/19/18  (4)
Had a little "rough horse play" with a diminutive Asian at the gym    09/19/18  (5)
ripped by ripple, litecoin lightened my wallet, zil became zilch, dash dashed my    09/19/18  (11)
In the Mouth of Madness is such a great flick    09/19/18  (2)
verbose quora indians spitroasting u while posting obtuse longreads on success    09/19/18  (11)
FBI & DOJ plan to redact Russia documents despite Trump order of declassificatio    09/19/18  (4)
Turns out theology is much more useful and empirically accurate than philosophy    09/19/18  (1)
Trump eviscerates Jeff Sessions: "I have no Attorney General"    09/19/18  (4)
WHAT!!!!!?????    09/19/18  (9)
Rate this super hot rapist couple    09/19/18  (13)
just do linguistics and political science, bro    09/19/18  (2)

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