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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Drinking organic vodka, cucumber and lime soda, taking q's    10/20/17  (7)
Board race realists: explain Italian IQ    10/20/17  (42)
confused look from gf when i called organic cheese bar on yelp "gc flame"    10/20/17  (1)
Most CR ethnic group?    10/20/17  (29)
very beautiful zoroastrian tradition,,,i like very much    10/20/17  (4)
Partner-track Dechert Sr. Associate taking ?s    10/20/17  (38)
Are my friends online    10/20/17  (5)
Any kornheisernos here?    10/20/17  (9)
ate 2 fried cod filets, half a 15" pizza, and a bunch of french fries today    10/20/17  (2)
Unshowered morning poasters ripping Marlboro reds and a chugging whole milk    10/20/17  (6)
all of the richest lawyers in los angeles went to southwestern    10/20/17  (26)
What phone do you have?    10/20/17  (71)
broke: Ethiopia resisted conquest by European colonial powers woke: Ethiopia    10/20/17  (2)
What is your favorite apple cultivar to dip in peanut butter?    10/20/17  (1)
due to imminent retirement i am (pre) withdrawing from MPM17    10/20/17  (12)
Haha! This is a 180 site!    10/20/17  (1)
ITT: we replace one word in the name of a band with 'nigger'    10/20/17  (21)
holy shit not flame, Tezmos might be fuct    10/20/17  (18)
Withdrawing from MPM2017 (evan39)    10/20/17  (16)
this rapper did a series of songs called "law library" is it cr?    10/20/17  (2)
Lol at this black guy tanking on Tony Kornheiser    10/20/17  (3)
2100: 1/3 of World Population will be African    10/20/17  (22)
ITT - a pic of wilbon and kornheiser    10/20/17  (15)
Mark Levin | Plato | Tony Kornheiser    10/20/17  (11)
Forgive the Interruption, but I'm Mike Wilbon...and I'm Tony Kornheiser...    10/20/17  (7)
Michael Wilbon fucking Kornheiser's wife as he watches. "This is Sportscenter"    10/20/17  (4)
they don't make music videos like this anymore    10/20/17  (4)
Kornheiser is no longer calling his wife "the woman to whom I am related by marr    10/20/17  (9)
Can we boycott Tony Kornheiser until he gets rid of Chris Cilizza?    10/20/17  (10)
Tamerlane DESTROYS the IRISH - Boner Police DONE here    10/20/17  (9)
Want to know the truth about the poster Boner police? here it is, boys:    10/20/17  (30)
is uspo marathi, punjabi, or gujarati?    10/20/17  (8)
2nd cousin: Can I get u some more peanut butter? Shrew gf: Dipping her slices in    10/20/17  (1)
McDonald's HALVING size of peanut butter scoop with apple slices. Customers outr    10/20/17  (1)
Gen. Kelly comments to the press re: fallen servicemen    10/20/17  (129)
"This is going to be a group interview" said the interviewer, passing out knives    10/20/17  (32)
jim_kelly when did u first get uncontrollable yellow fever?    10/20/17  (5)
boner police @ mcdonald's ordering only apples slice    10/20/17  (3)
Taking questions for 20 mins    10/20/17  (19)
The life of Jim Kelly tp is a great cautionary tale of the dangers of GC    10/20/17  (215)
i have consumed over 2 L of vodka in the last 16 hours    10/20/17  (24)
Giving away hypos briefly    10/20/17  (60)
your future wife blowing Gheorge Muresan    10/20/17  (1)
Man visits dead wife's body at morgue, finds male nurse having sex with it    10/20/17  (18)
Just copped two tacos, two forties, and a pack of Marlboros    10/20/17  (16)
rating posters as my favorite deobani madrasahs (to be fair)    10/20/17  (2)
sad thing about senior associates    10/20/17  (1)
Which of my Jewish boyfriends is most argumentative: USPO,TSINAH,socatoa,pdamus?    10/20/17  (7)
boner police loitering outside the mcdonald's @ 2 am    10/20/17  (2)
Clippers will be better without chris Paul    10/20/17  (1)
Ivy League Style Starter Pack    10/20/17  (5)
libs - explain how 85 iq blacks can live with 100iq whites?    10/20/17  (19)
dogs vs. cats    10/20/17  (5)
Young Obama said the American dream is to be Donald Trump (vice)    10/20/17  (4)
Ted Cruz TP described his life ITT    10/20/17  (6)
YE#1s w 3+ Losses To One Player In Calendar Year #tennis    10/20/17  (3)
Prediction: XO 2017 MPM will be a poster of Nigerian Igbo extraction    10/20/17  (1)
little known fact: harry houdini wore a lot of hoodies    10/20/17  (2)
RATE Ellen's $18M House w CLAY COURT #tennis    10/20/17  (2)
nigger boi is the clear favorite for megapoaster madness    10/20/17  (21)
I'm just on here to bully middle-aged white collar professionals.    10/20/17  (13)
Billionares seem to be purchasing a lot of island property lately...odd    10/20/17  (6)
i want boner police's poZzed gaper to spit prostate cum down my throat    10/20/17  (3)
Turns out this "Chapo" faggot is a pervy fag who lives with his parents lol    10/20/17  (46)
do you ever fart into the cuff of your hands and smell it    10/20/17  (18)
This boart has really come down hard on agwwg.    10/20/17  (72)
Scandinavians really are a bunch of savage, half-retarded snow niggers.    10/20/17  (6)
2100: 1/3 of World Population will be in Diapers    10/20/17  (1)
i'm a bug-eyed immigrant sex worker and here are my thoughts (xo 2017    10/20/17  (18)
and so it begins: Conservative group dons diapers to protest 'safe spaces'--link    10/20/17  (4)
Trying low cal diet any experienced folks here    10/20/17  (1)
Any poasters here a Prepper or at least have a Bug-out Bag?    10/20/17  (2)
XO Daycrew: "evaluate these stock picks" Nightcrew: "wearing a diaper to poast    10/20/17  (10)
For female lawyers, shouldn't it be called the "bat exam"?    10/20/17  (11)
tedcruz, please explain what is so difficult about basic secretarial tasks    10/20/17  (3)
"2 and 20" is really an incredible bargain when you think about it    10/20/17  (5)
"Rogue school bus" attempts to pick up kids in Michigan    10/20/17  (15)
"I hope you aren't 'ghosting' me. It isn't Halloween yet, haha"    10/20/17  (20)
I think wearing a diaper relives a lot of lifes stresses    10/20/17  (47)
petition for CharlesXII to sack up and run MPM this year    10/20/17  (39)
FagSox, ChiSox & Cubs All Winning WS In ~10 Yr Period = Thanks GC    10/20/17  (9)
UC Santa Cruz Republican meeting ends in arrests; story reads like a parody:    10/20/17  (39)
poastradumbass holding his colon in a bag, walking around special ed classroom    10/20/17  (6)
Libs: "Well at least Harvey Weinstein's not a racist like Trump!"    10/20/17  (10)
poastradumbass's mom adjusting her son's retard soft helmet as he plays w/ coins    10/20/17  (5)
MGMT - Little Dark Age    10/20/17  (8)
literally burst out laughing every time I think of how upset Poastradumbass is    10/20/17  (20)
Started smoking cigs    10/20/17  (54)
250lb boner_police greedily eyeing your apple slices and peanut butter    10/20/17  (7)
Wait, hold up. So what did Harvey Weinstein do to McKayla?    10/20/17  (1)
I need daddy askav to fuck my yellow pussy so we can save the white race    10/20/17  (18)
One of my lib "friends" keep calling me dad    10/20/17  (13)
How is Bad Motherfucker going to handle all these posters taking a knee/withdraw    10/20/17  (2)
so now askav even hates asians?    10/20/17  (1)
When did WCW start declining? Starrcade 97?    10/20/17  (12)
Boner_police greedily stealing benadryl from Walgreens, knocking stuff off shelv    10/20/17  (3)
You have a rendezvous with my ass, mother fucker    10/20/17  (1)
good resources for quick & dirty front-end design?    10/20/17  (8)
Puerto Rico hellhole: schools may be closed for 2 more weeks    10/20/17  (5)
canine bodies    10/20/17  (2)
Restaurant idea: just buy fast food and serve it on dinner plates    10/20/17  (8)
Currently watching "My 600 lb Life" - how the fuck do people get this large?    10/19/17  (39)
Can anyone recommend some tobacco to make own cigs    10/19/17  (10)
Comprehensive list of likely Watchmen (WMTP) alt accounts    10/19/17  (46)
Heroic Asian man vows to change his ways after #MeToo campaign: #HowIWillChange    10/19/17  (4)
schtick idea: the Trivago guy, except greasier    10/19/17  (1)
What's the most INSANE thing you do?    10/19/17  (12)
We seriously need to do something about this faggot trying to ruin MPM    10/19/17  (3)
for $250k/yr would you do viewer-requested sex acts with wife on chaturbate?    10/19/17  (10)
"educational toys" are pure shit and teach nothing    10/19/17  (1)
There is NFL, CFB, MLB, NBA, and NHL on tonight    10/19/17  (5)
I'm gaining weight eating apples and peanut butter.    10/19/17  (1)
someone at McD's ordered a Big Mac 'with no meat' today    10/19/17  (4)
"NFL = garbage product" - "male"    10/19/17  (1)
Chiefs vs Raiders    10/19/17  (30)
I fucking hate my mother    10/19/17  (2)
Nice coat faggot, said the spic to the hapa tween in a bills jacket in August    10/19/17  (5)
Should I fuck up my employers data before I quit (Ted Cruz tp)    10/19/17  (49)
i regret quitting my lower-paying job for my CURRENT job.    10/19/17  (12)
jim_kelly, do u think your wife would be interested in "swinging"?    10/19/17  (2)
fuck SPRINT, it's free and still not worth it    10/19/17  (4)
*idris elba asking the court to take judicial notice of how fat dat ass is*    10/19/17  (3)
Ryan Klesko    10/19/17  (69)
"I'm a stay at home dad." "What does your wife do?" "Oh, she is a chaturbat    10/19/17  (2)
Had a job interview...annoying shrew co-candidate had weird psycho mannerisms:    10/19/17  (11)
Libs, do you ever get chills from thinking about how shitty you are?    10/19/17  (1)
I wish I had a beer in my apartment    10/19/17  (2)
MOTHERFUCKING EXPERT on all things ethnonationalism here, sup.    10/19/17  (31)
Watched "Sorcerer" last night- holy shit    10/19/17  (24)
What are they cheersing?    10/19/17  (7)
At least in ethnically homogeneous countries they view low IQ as their own    10/19/17  (28)
tedcruz tp gleefully ripping tags off Sleepnumber Beds    10/19/17  (1)
RT refuses to register as "foreign agent" and tells FBI to "come get some"    10/19/17  (1)
I am not guilty and I refer all questions to my black attorney, Hedindu Nuffin    10/19/17  (1)
started referring to black people as 'black bodies'    10/19/17  (2)
Potential employer calling my references. Should I expect an offer?    10/19/17  (7)
I model my temperament on that of 'Joubert' from film 'Three Days of the Condor'    10/19/17  (6)
ending it all tonight    10/19/17  (6)
Instead of gaming, why not learn how to code    10/19/17  (7)
can you queer something that's already been queered??    10/19/17  (1)
Redman spends his life explaining he's not actually in the Wu Tang Clan    10/19/17  (1)
Downtown Baltimore has like 500 stores selling African shit; who buys it?    10/19/17  (1)
does your wife chaturbate?    10/19/17  (4)
"Idris Elba talking in jive" is the worst meme this board has    10/19/17  (22)

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