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Poast your Law School GPA vs. Undergrad GPA.    06/28/17  (52)
ITT: I rate you as a Middle Market Investment Bank    06/27/17  (39)
Many blue collar workers make 6 figures    06/27/17  (32)
DLA Piper is currently enjoying ransomware lol    06/27/17  (29)
WTF is happening at DLA Piper?    06/28/17  (28)
ARTICLE: $40 million medical-insurance fraud went down in Orange County    06/27/17  (27)
So Gay Pride is a month long celebration of faggotry now? Libs?    06/28/17  (26)
Due to outages Coinbase will buy your ETH at $350. Anyone who bought prior to    06/28/17  (21)
Spent big $ on an air purifier for the bedroom. Are these things flame?    06/28/17  (15)
169 LSAT -> CLS -> enter biglaw at 26 -> retire at 35 with $1.5M    06/27/17  (14)
What does a VP of Inclusion and Diversity at Twitter do?    06/27/17  (13)
$10.9 Million: Combined Amount for Freddie Gray, Michael Brown Settlement    06/28/17  (12)
Dad caught on camera fingerbanging his teen step daughter at waterpark (link)    06/27/17  (11)
Are mortgage bankers prestigious?    06/28/17  (8)
xo approved beef jerky brands?    06/28/17  (6)
If I make low $ I'm considered a loser. If I scam ppl 2 make $ I'm also loser    06/27/17  (5)
Job Opportunity at THE LAW STORE    06/28/17  (4)
google trends litecoin almost the same as litecoin price    06/27/17  (4)
Penn Law adcom doing triple take upon reading "Thunderbird MBA"    06/27/17  (4)
So libs, who all speak with lisps picked "resist" as their slogan?    06/28/17  (3)
Does ANYONE use LinkedIn for something besides ogling?    06/27/17  (3)
evan39 what kind of "poison" is odorless&tasteless?    06/28/17  (2)
It is fucking insane how libs fetishize corporations now.    06/28/17  (2)
daddy? why are you crying? what is this ether thing? daddy...?    06/27/17  (2)
Female MMA fighter takes IBS diarrhea-shit in the ring (vid)    06/27/17  (1)
There are more Mexican restaurants in OC than any other type    06/27/17  (1)
lead story on breitbart isn't on at all; odd case    06/27/17  (1)
So basically blacks make up for their IQ by blackmail, victomology, crime, AA?    06/27/17  (1)
An infertile Chad is beta    06/27/17  (1)