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what would the Confederate South be like today, if it had seceded    11/21/17  (9)
Wife's friend got into the wine at dinner, was playing footsie with me under th    11/21/17  (23)
I voted for Clinton, but I now support Roy Moore 100,000%    11/21/17  (2)
New rules coming #tennis    11/21/17  (14)
ITT name a concept you think is too complex for me to understand.    11/21/17  (53)
Amanda Anisimova playing at the Hawaii Open (PICS) #tennis    11/21/17  (10)
CHANDLER YOU FAGGOT!!! GO SOLO!!!! It's not even a fucking decision.    11/21/17  (8)
Rate this DIALOGUE to CHALLENGE underlying SOCIAL NORMS    11/21/17  (1)
Barron standing around at turkey pardon like "wtf am I doing here"    11/21/17  (2)
it's remarkable -- rsf can comment -- how alcohol alone makes women do sexual th    11/21/17  (5)
man o' war is officially calling for DASH to reach $1000 within 12 months.    11/21/17  (8)
so libs, what's the endgame for all this "free press" stuff    11/21/17  (1)
I hope 'DTP' steps on lego and dies    11/21/17  (4)
xoxo is making me racist    11/21/17  (10)
Rate Mexico's fascist National Anthem    11/21/17  (1)
RATE this young Jewess shaking her ass on a roof #DBG    11/21/17  (5)
Trump DOJ actively investigating Harvard's use of race in admissions policies    11/21/17  (28)
Mom or Daughter? Gillian Anderson Edition (pic)    11/21/17  (10)
Mel Gibson: "Of course that shifty Jew made money off my comments on Jews."    11/21/17  (27)
45 teachers QUIT after being sexually ASSAULTED by 1st graders in PA.    11/21/17  (19)
so libs whats the endgame for all this harrassment stuff? who benefits    11/21/17  (26)
Facebook aims for "60% women and underrepresented minorities" engineers by 2020    11/21/17  (4)
Reminder: Rockapotamus (Raw Cock Up My Ass) leads to Anal Cancer    11/21/17  (3)
Anyone in a legal job and do almost no legal work    11/21/17  (1)
Important Sedgwick LLP news    11/21/17  (1)
Widow of soldier killed in Niger not allowed to see body    11/21/17  (8)
I voted for Clinton last election, but won't be voting dem again.    11/21/17  (90)
Raw cock up my ass! Raw-cock up-m'ass! Rock'p m'uss! Rockapotamus!    11/21/17  (102)
Music to code to?    11/21/17  (23)
Jim Kelly, what does AGWWG legal work entail?    11/21/17  (1)
CharlesXII, rating poasters as stupid aspects of the Star Wars Expanded Universe    11/21/17  (259)
any fat chicks post here (200+ pounds)?    11/21/17  (6)
Barely 4pm and wife decided she doesnt want to cook tonight    11/21/17  (4)
BlueSmoke, RSF, Any Other Cool NY Posters Free Ti Igor?    11/21/17  (9)
Something called Sedgwick LLP is Det    11/21/17  (18)
Jim Kelly, what does VC legal work entail?    11/21/17  (57)
XO Mr Spock: "Live long and prosper. Fuck libs."    11/21/17  (1)
Bboom leading prayer at Thanksgiving: "give us this day our daily fraud    11/21/17  (1)
Did Franken ever expressly comment on "grab em by the pussy?"    11/21/17  (6)
Prole Tell: using Sprint as a carrier    11/21/17  (1)
White female libs: "racism is awful, sickening! btw would never date azn men"    11/21/17  (37)
Big mistake: GF is meeting family for first time @ Thanksgiving    11/21/17  (11)
Prole Tell: Living With Someone You Don't Ultimately Marry    11/21/17  (1)
every single fucking time I see "beady eyes narrow" I lose it; who started it?    11/21/17  (5)
my mom is campaigning really hard for moderately chubby girlfriend    11/21/17  (6)
Ryan tax plan makes grad school impossible    11/21/17  (137)
My Mom Ordered PDDJ & I At Thanksgiving At 12pm. Huge Fight Ongoing #sickly    11/21/17  (9)
"Sunday funday! Lets rage!" *makes ducky face & creates 10 alts to attack luis*    11/21/17  (11)
Anyone type REALLY LOUDLY? I do    11/21/17  (1)
XO Roy Moore odds now 66% vs. 37% Shitlib Doug Jones - suck my ASS libs!!!!    11/21/17  (20)
Pics of naked 18 y/o Madonna to be auctioned off (Daily Mail pics)    11/21/17  (3)
jfc Square stock just grows a chill 2% per day everyday    11/21/17  (9)
straight up loling at russian niggers    11/21/17  (1)
RATE this tweet from Conan (link)    11/21/17  (10)
RSF, you ever wear MAGA hat in MFH?    11/21/17  (15)
Anyone seen Bob Dylan recently?    11/21/17  (11)
Lib bigshots getting huffy about jailed rapper Meek Mill makes the case for sece    11/21/17  (2)
Former US Attorney: Mueller About to Start Wrecking Shit    11/21/17  (83)
odd how a law board became a mecca for working class whites    11/21/17  (3)
How about men and woman completely separate.    11/21/17  (5)
***Official Petition to force sexual predator Pepito to Resign from Mod***    11/21/17  (21)
Judas Jones responding to "Iowa or Minnesota" thread with "well, here's my recen    11/21/17  (2)
Judas Jones: how many cumloads did u eject when US News rankings    11/21/17  (6)
*Judas Jones flipping through 2003 "Law School Confidential" data in his cage*    11/21/17  (2)
180!!!!! Dartmouth Profs under investigation!    11/21/17  (6)
no decapitations at Chichen Itza in hundreds of years. criminally underutilized.    11/21/17  (1)
Average McDonalds franchise costs $1M to open, generates $150k/year profit    11/21/17  (1)
Wow Pixar head John Lasseter now facing 'alleged misconduct'    11/21/17  (4)
Going out with model/socialite tonight, taking Qs    11/21/17  (69)
Judas Jones sprinting up Dupont Circle escalator, arms @ side    11/21/17  (3)
GOD BLESS MEXICO    11/21/17  (3)
/!\ Malia fucking white chads at Harvard /!\    11/21/17  (121)
The job that would have changed your life but you got dinged at the last phase    11/21/17  (36)
Michigan goes 9-4; next year: 9-4 ... Harbaugh leaves (would be fired)    11/21/17  (4)
when did going to an airport become an occasion for chicks to dress like sluts?    11/21/17  (20)
Starting to idealize the mid 2000s like the 90s now    11/21/17  (18)
(((Cohen O'O'Brian)))    11/21/17  (1)
Flying home on Thanksgiving; should I wear my red MAGA hat?    11/21/17  (11)
leggings ... how did this become acceptable as pants    11/21/17  (2)
"must be born ___ to buy alcohol sign" says 1999 now. J F C    11/21/17  (4)
If you could send two races to a MOON COLONY forever, which would you choose?    11/21/17  (35)
Yuge antitrust nerd here. Anyone else PUMPED about this AT&T stuff?    11/21/17  (22)
Can someone find the thread about college girls flying home for holidays dressed    11/21/17  (3)
Starting to sexualize girls born 2000 like the 90s now    11/21/17  (1)
Blank bumping is proof that people here are lazy as fuck    11/21/17  (2)
driving    11/21/17  (2)
MABA: Rowan's take on MAGA    11/21/17  (1)
Why are xo Russian posters so aggressively dumb? (ARE Reptile, tmf, RuskieGirl    11/21/17  (48)
Vox: age of consent needs to be raised to 20s    11/21/17  (167)
Rowan makes EVERY Friday Black Friday    11/21/17  (37)
Trump Spares Turkeys and Jokes He Can't Overturn Obama's Pardons    11/21/17  (1)
feminist data scientist, come ITT and DESCRIBE the effects of MUTATIONAL LOAD    11/21/17  (1)
once a black woman in the airport wouldn't stop live streaming our gate    11/21/17  (1)
Peterman's doc: "this is your rectum. it's for poop." *beady eyes narrow*    11/21/17  (28)
The date that would have changed your life but you got limp at the last phase    11/21/17  (2)
Ljl at "society" your more likely to find mentor on grindr than workplace    11/21/17  (3)
"This part is complementary," peterman said, his beady eyes narrowing    11/21/17  (9)
A Trumptard makes a profile on Tinder    11/21/17  (14)
Rach, just fucking make a Scott Frost bort and be done with it.    11/21/17  (3)
DHS to end work permits for foreign H1B spouses (link)    11/21/17  (1)
Peterman narrowed his beady eyes. "Yeah, I know how to do that. Cost you extra."    11/21/17  (53)
sexbot climbing into self-driving truck as peterman collects food stamps    11/21/17  (18)
Timid. Ambitionless. Easily Manipulated. 110lbs. INFP. Low T. Tanner Stage 2 Pen    11/21/17  (1)
i know 38 yo doc, 38 vet, 34 + 32 lawyer, all single females. what is endgame    11/21/17  (5)
that feeling of anticipation when your bro comes on to help you out    11/21/17  (1)
if my day keeps going this way just might BREAKING YOUR FUCKING FACE TONIGHT    11/21/17  (5)
Roy Moore erecting Ten Commandments statue in corner of Franken's old office    11/21/17  (7)
besides Pence, who the fuck is clean?    11/21/17  (1)
OK, cool.    11/21/17  (1)
that feeling of betrayal when your mentor comes on to you    11/21/17  (5)
I'm glad no rappers or NBA players were involved in this wave of harassment    11/21/17  (7)
NY Post, page 6, 11/22/2017: Famous Socialite Goes on Date with Man in MAGA Hat    11/21/17  (2)
Rowan only eats dark meat on Thanksgiving    11/21/17  (17)
Best music to take D too?    11/21/17  (1)
easy solution to Roy Moore fiasco... get rid of Alabama as a U.S. state    11/21/17  (19)
Libs thinking Kamala Harris 2020, first woman, first Jew    11/21/17  (3)
as i get older my slav features become pronounced    11/21/17  (1)
On average, do Jewish women tend to be sluttier than other women?    11/21/17  (17)
"I didn't think I had a story, until I realized I had 1,000 stories..."    11/21/17  (1)
GF has weird quirk: every single time I talk to her I feel like I am arguing    11/21/17  (17)
colt TP spotted on 4chan (screenshot)    11/21/17  (3)
Are there any bort Asians that are not extremely broken people?    11/21/17  (1)
Eagles literally raped the Cowboys Sunday night    11/21/17  (1)
xo bernie: "Hitler had some fantastic ideas" (crowd jeers) "what? he did!"    11/21/17  (10)
Kasich giving presser on throne of human bones: "Im sorry if my actions hurt ppl    11/21/17  (1)
strippers only care about cocaine & that's it?    11/21/17  (6)
The Nazis banned Walmart in 1933 - link    11/21/17  (13)
Blue-collar wages are surging. Can it last? (the economist)    11/21/17  (4)
Why do the deranged azns on this bort hate Trump? Shitlibs despise azns    11/21/17  (62)
why can't i approve my own pull requests???????    11/21/17  (12)
DBG is probably the most broken person on here    11/21/17  (13)
Doc just told mom that dads cancer is inoperable. Gonna be a shit Tgiving    11/21/17  (15)
Rabbi Pens 5,000 Words Of Scholarship On Whether Thanksgiving Is Kosher    11/21/17  (1)
If I impregnate a Jewish slut, will my son or dotter be a Jew??    11/21/17  (12)
Jesus I didn't know Mueller was such a stud when he was young    11/21/17  (23)
XO is for people with tribal, misantrophic mindsets to bitch about tribalism    11/21/17  (3)
can anyone link that thread about kids at the Folsom St homo fair?    11/21/17  (1)
Mental illness    11/21/17  (6)
UBER IS SUCH FUCKING SHIT    11/21/17  (1)
Mel Gibson for President    11/21/17  (2)
*chooses "luis diesel" at gas station* *headpubes pour out of pump*    11/21/17  (1)
Ironside, Are You Pumped For Rush's Telling Of Real Story Of Thanksgiving?    11/21/17  (1)
Mark Levin should be mandatory listening for shitlibs/Millennials/Jews    11/21/17  (8)
Ryan tax plan has credits for Beachbody workouts, private jets, Freedom Rock    11/21/17  (7)
I'm a luis diesel btw    11/21/17  (1)
Trucker: "I want a refund" Peterman: *starts to belch up semen*    11/21/17  (1)
lol Ray Allen got catfished and then sued by his catfisher    11/21/17  (2)
Explain to me again why a "Flat Tax" is unfair? Thank    11/21/17  (31)
Your Father Teary Eyed, As Your Wife Takes The Soy & Sesame Marinated Turkey Out    11/21/17  (3)
"Alexa what's the weather?" "Stfu beady eyed faggot!" "What?" "59    11/21/17  (16)

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